This weekend the Jackson Rotary Club sponsored 4 local students to attend RYLA at Camp ASCCA in Jackson's Gap, AL. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards which is sponsored by Rotary District 6880. It consists of teens from all across Central and Lower Alabama who come together for one weekend.

RYLA is a 4 day conference where students learn how to be effective leaders in there communities and challenge themselves in group elements and high rope adventure. From getting there group across the " lava" to cheering on their fellow group members to face their fears. The students also were able to learn the history and programs of Rotary through various speakers as well as hear several high energy motivational speakers. RYLA is event that always leaves students excited about going back and working in their communities with hopes of maybe getting to come back again next year!


Clarke-Washington Fair, Special Needs Day

The members of the Rotary Club of Jackson have recently completed another successful production of the Clarke-Washington County fair. This is their largest project each year, during which they raise money for scholarship’s for area students.  One of the highlights of this year's event was the Special Needs Day. Jackson Rotary has set-up a special day during the fair for the special education classes from area schools and the CCARC of Jackson to come to the fair. 

Members of the Interact club assisted each group allowing each guest to have thier own Interact member or a friend be with them throught-out the day to ride and play. The day was a great success and the club hopes to be able to continue it in the years to come. This year, over 120 invitees were hosted by the Interact Club and the Rotary Club of Jackson. 

The Jackson Interact Club is proud to boast a membership of 81 students from Jackson High School, Leroy High School and the Jackson Academy.  These pictures tells the story of this year's Special Needs Day. Kudos go out to Jackson Rotary club for this event.

The Jackson Rotary club has already inducted three new members for the month of November 2008 and they have ambitious plans to continue to grow. Keep up the good work Jackson Rotary!